a few years into my career in wholesale fashion, i found myself feeling a bit unfulfilled. despite the fact that i was finally chasing my childhood dream of following in my fashion executive father's footsteps, i instead found myself yearning to cook and entertain.

living near plenty of friends and family on the west side of los angeles in my early twenties, i found no shortage of people willing to come over for a home cooked meal and some cocktails. after a few months of experimenting in the kitchen, the creation of food started to inspire other creative desires. i bought a camera and in may of twenty-ten i began documenting my life and cooking journey on newfoodtuesdayz.

the blog took on a life of it's own. since my friends scattered globally after we graduated college, newfoodtuesdayz was a great way to connect with those i didn't see often. it was an even better way to see friends and family locally. having people for dinner on tuesdays because an event. and all along the way, it documented my young adulthood. to the dismay of those close to me, i've always been an "over-sharer." i like to think of it as being honest and open. newfoodtuesdayz captured my relationships, major life events, and my career. i documented breakups, self judgements, aspirations and the meeting of my husband. and now, the struggles and joys of starting my career in food as a caterer, chef, food photographer and food stylist. always with recipes, tips and cocktails to enjoy along the way. 

newfoodtuesdayz really started on a whim and with out true intention. but with a little perspective, i realize the the blog is a beautiful, light hearted, honest way for me to try to inspire others to get in the kitchen and get a little gourmet. hear the sizzle, breath in the aromas and embrace your inner foodie. 

why the z? some jerk took newfoodtuesdays and only posted once. 

xo, a