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The "C" Word
I do my best to keep the things I write about here light, informative and fun.

No one really wants to read to the musings of a Debbie Downer, nor do I like to dwell on unpleasant things. Life is fleeting and I do my best to enjoy every second of it.

Unfortunately, life is full of unpleasantness. Natural disasters, wars and illness are all around us. Cancer is all around us.

I think it takes a very VERY brave person to share their struggles with others. It takes great courage to speak about your personal or family struggles in a public forum in hopes of helping just ONE other person.

In the last couple of years my family and our extended family have been tortured by different kinds of cancers, but I haven’t had the courage myself to speak out about our struggles.

But, my good friend Jeanelle is different. 

She posses a strength that I can’t even imagine. Not only is she telling her family’s story in a beautiful and hopefully helpful way, but she is literally running for the cause.

Please take a second to read her story and donate to her and her man Steven’s run for the cure.  

I know that we have all been touched by cancer in one way or another. If we all give a little, maybe we can help make this world a little better and a little brighter.

The Wesley Comedy Hour

Hello friends! Did you miss me?

I’m back from one of the most fun weekends I’ve ever had and am starting to recover from the two day haze that followed.

So when I left you, I was en route to Sacramento with my love and a big group of our friends for my friend Sofie’s birthday.

All people I have never traveled with.

Welcome to the danger zone.

But Wes wants you to know that the trip went off without a hitch. If you don’t consider the crazy bumpy take off and landing of our trip home. If my gasping very loudly every time we hit a bump isn’t a hitch, then the trip was for sure hitchless.

I know Wesley wants me to tell you that the trip went great because he has brought up the fact that I haven’t posted in a couple days more than once now and then last night told me that my loyal readers need to know what’s going on and that we didn’t kill each other.

If there are loyal readers out there other than the ones I currently live with, then I am very sorry I kept you waiting. I didn’t mean to let you think that Wes and I might have killed each other on the trip.

The trip up there was pretty seamless. At least it seemed that way because I was… well… drunk.

Me and the ball and chain saving seats for our traveling partners.
 What? Our flight was delayed. What else was I supposed to do?

The flight home had all the makings for a disaster though.

Eight people had to be at the airport by five-thirty in the morning in order to make two different flights. Which meant eight people had to be ready and out the door by five in the morning. Oh yes, and there was one bathroom. And most of us passed out intoxicated well after midnight. Oh, AND it was raining cats and dogs.

Thankfully we all made it onto the plane in time. In time for the comedy show.

I was unaware when I booked my ticket, but apparently the Wesley Comedy Hour had come to town and was performing on OUR plane home. SOOOO lucky.

Don’t get me wrong, Wes is a really funny guy. It is part of the reason that I fell in love with him. But we spend so much time together that I hear the same jokes over and over. And while others think they are knee slappers, to me they are same old same old.

But watching him in action with a full audience of friends and strangers had even me in stitches.

He literally had the entire back of the plane laughing out loud. If their carry-ons weren’t stowed properly in the overhead compartments, he might have been able to make a little money.

There was a segment on aviation, a blurb about pilots, and LOTS of pop culture references and GOOD GOD I wish I had gotten the damn thing on video for you.

No recap I could attempt would do it any justice.

In closing, Wes and I survived our first round of air travel together. I would even call it a raging success.

Those who were seriously worried can rest easy knowing that a plane flight was not the end of our relationship or our lives.

But there is always next time.

Love and Beer Floats