hi! my name is angela and i’m the recipe developer, author and photographer of newfoodtuesdayz. i am a self taught cook and baker who is still REALLY confused when people call me chef.

i hate measuring. even though my grandma taught me to always level off my baking ingredients, i NEVER do. i'm messy, and clumsy, and just like my astrological sign, i move like a bull. i feel the most myself when i'm cooking, moving on my yoga mat, digging in the dirt or floating in the water and food & teaching are my passions. writing is my outlet. all photos are shot on my iphone 7 and edited with vsco. 

basically, i'm just trying to make BEAUTIFUL and DELICIOUS food that makes people beam. 

but above all, I LOVE PEOPLE. i’ve always been a bit of a social butterfly and i love when people reach out. don’t hesitate to get in touch by emailing me at or reaching out on social media. happy cooking. 

xo, a