I enjoy sports. However, unless it's a Ducks hockey game or one of my brother's water polo games, I wouldn't necessarily say I care too much about the outcome of any given sporting event. Now if it is a Ducks game or one of my brothers are playing I suggest you sit very far away from me, hope I haven't had a single sip of alcohol and under no circumstances say anything that could even be slightly construed as a negative comment about one of my brothers. If you abide by all those suggestions, I'm super pleasant.

Basketball is fun to watch, but I am far from enthusiastic about it. If you twist my arm I would have to say the Lakers are my team, but only because they would my "home" team. Not the case with Lish and Eric who were both around for new food last night. The menu consisted of...

steamed artichoke with dip

fettucini with peas and prosciutto in a cream sauce

tomatoes provencal

cesar salad


a hearty helping of a suns fan/lakers fan rivalry.

Both were dying... DYING... to get home to watch the game. And even though they were very helpful in the kitchen during commercials, it was painfully obvious that all they wanted to do was sit in their respective bean bag chairs upstairs and root on their team.

The best part of watching Lish and Eric root for different teams is that they are both painfully kind and polite. As Lish's team pulled ahead she was very restrained and kept repeating "the Lakers are dangerous, they could come back," as if to encourage Eric. And even though Eric wanted to scream about "horrible calls" and other more obscene man type sports comments, he sat mumbling quietly to himself.

If you aren't paying attention to the score... the Suns won, but I think they were both winning fans. Especially because we got to eat Lish's first ever contribution to new food tuesday... dessert. She made berries with angel food cake and ice cream. And this totally counts as a legit contribution because she cooked the berries on the stove with sugar and brandy. Lish delish. (that is totally the first time she has ever heard this reference)

You won't believe how good it is. You should try it yourself...

Lish's Berries
3 pints mixed berries (we used raspberries and blackberries but strawberries and blueberries would be great too)
1 cup sugar (you could add another half cup if you like it really sweet)
2 tablespoons fruit favored brandy (we used apricot... because we had it... don't ask me why we had it)
angel food cake
1 pint good vanilla ice cream

Put the berries and sugar in a pot over medium heat. Heat till sauce like. Add the brandy and cook for at least a minute to burn off the alcohol. Remove from heat and let cool slightly. Place the berries over a slice of the cake and add a scoop of ice cream. Enjoy!

Love and Beer Floats

P.S. Check out a couple more beautiful pictures Eric caught.

Go Ducks!