uh oh... spaghetti-O's!

So, I think I might have gotten in a little over my head. Not that this is anything new for me.

Examples include, but are not limited to (and no I am not making these up)...

Sure! I'll make the cake for Patricia and Garron's birthdays! No problem. I'll just make red velvet cupcakes from scratch and a cake. Oh and I'll make them blue velvet since Garron likes the Dodgers. Oh ya, and I don't have anything you need to BAKE. It'll be great!

Don't worry... I know the murder mystery kit only came with 32 characters, but I invited 45. I'll just make up additional characters and story lines. It will totally work.

Oh, you need an instructor to teach the class of eight three year olds who have never touched water before? I'll do it!

Well folks. I have done it again. My fantastic friend Jac has been feeling a little down lately. We all have our moments, and she is having hers. She has been mentioning she wants to come and participate in a new food tuesday event, so I decided to have her over for a special friday night version. Something small, no big deal.

Well, then I decided that I'm sure she would also want to see our friend Lindsey K. And probably Lindsey B. And Tanya. And I've been meaning to cook for Alyssa and Mark. Oh, and Blake and Morgan. And of course Eric and Lish will be there. Maybe Shireen and Brady and Allie and Sophie and Laura-Ashley and Julia and everyone else I've ever met can come by too.

And so the small get together became... THE FEAST!!!!

Now, so far I totally have the menu planned. Some sort of soup... a salad... a pasta and a protein. Done! Menu totally planned. Totally not worried.

It's not a big deal at all that this is taking place in less then 24 hours. And that I don't have my beloved Martha cook book. And that people are coming over at 8 and I don't get of till 5. No Big Deal!

It's going to be great! If you have any ideas... let me know. Or if you want to come... let me know that too!

Love and Beer Floats