where it all began...

the original newfoodtuesday... crab cakes with remoulade and arugula and parmesan salad

New years resolutions... lots of people make them. In fact, just about everyone I know make them. And breaks them. I however, never ever felt the need to "resolve" to do anything. It always seemed like such a silly concept. If you really wanted to do all the things you were making resolutions to do, why weren't you already doing them?! Hmmmm blog world? Why weren't you living your resolutions?

What I didn't realize is that what resolutions are really about, is seeing what needs changing and trying to make yourself a better person. A conscious effort to be a better you.

In mid December I was having lunch at this delicious restaurant called Habana in Costa Mesa, CA with a date (my now boyfriend). We were sharing an order of crab cakes and seared ahi with this side of amazing purple potatoes. They were so delicious and different and I couldn't figure out exactly what it was about them that was so amazing. Me, not being a person to leave well enough alone, sat there for 30 minutes taking tiny bite after tiny bite to try and figure it out.

Finally, I had it! Goat cheese! Of course, I'm also a know it all so I had to ask the waiter what was in the potatoes and gloat when he verified that I was correct.

I don't know what it was about this sudden ability to figure out what I was eating (wait can't most people do that?), but I decided that if they could cook, I could cook.

And so I decided to make some resolutions for the approaching new year (and decade)...
1. Wear all the shoes I have in my closet... stop playing favorites. The red patent leather wedges need love just as much as the black suede stiletto.
2. Keep in touch with old friends. I have such amazing people in my life and need to make sure I don't ever let them slip away.
3. Commit to cooking. I will designate one day a week to cooking something new and cool I never thought I could do before.

And so I resolved that newFOODtuesdayz would be born. And it was.

Love and Beer Floats