taking this show on the road

I celebrated memorial day this year by taking a trip to visit my good friend Maggie in Chicago. Maggie swam with me in college and shortly after graduation took a HUGE leap and moved to the windy city. Did I mention she knew a total of 3 people in Chicago? Oh, and she's from Phoenix where it is really really warm. All.The.Time. We are talking serious bravery here. I can't spend more then 3 days with out seeing a family member or I freak. But... I love spending those 3 days in Chicago.

Top 5 Things I Love About Chicago

1. Maggie. Duh. She's smart and beautiful and brave and has this illuminating smile that men, women and children can not ignore.

2. The Hangge Uppe. The most amazing bar I've ever been too. Modern music on the top, classics in the basement and amazingness all over.

3. Wiener Circle. This hilarious and delicious hot dog place that is open 24 hours and has rambunctious "ladies" working the counter. Seriously amazing hot dogs with onions, ketchup, mustard, lettuce, tomatoes and a pickle. All IN the hot dog. Seriously. Amazing.

4. The absolute beauty. From the streets, to the parks. From the lake to the weather. Chicago has true seasons, something I am so not used to but totally appreciate.


5. Ian's Pizza in Wrigleyville. Very new to the list, but oh so appreciated.

The reason that Ian's is such a standout is that they take the most simple amazing flavors and turn them into a pizza.

California Burger pizza. Mac n Cheese pizza. Spicy Beef Taco pizza.

And those are just three I tried. There were tons of oh so delicious combos. I can't wait to try out making some of my own at home.

When you come over for dinner... tips are welcome. Wink.

Ian’s Pizza

Love and Beer Floats