Not one dish, meal, ingredient or person coming to dinner has ever made me nervous. Until tonight. Tonight I had requests. For meatloaf. Um... yes... someone requested meatloaf. And it terrifies me.

Google believes that when I look up images of meatloaf, this is what I want. Google is very very wrong. No one wants images of this meatloaf.

We are talking good old fashioned meatloaf. The kind your mom makes. On Wednesday night. The exact dish I have never had. Ever. I know, I know. I really offended you when I told you I don't like lasagna. Well, it's true. I have also never had meatloaf. I'm sorry. I swear I had a normal childhood.

Well, the bottom line is... I have no idea what meatloaf looks/tastes like. So cooking it has me really really nervous. But, I have done a lot research on the subject, and I hope my meatloaf turns out beautiful like this...

and not terrifying and horrid like this.

Wish me luck... I'll need it.

Love and Beer Floats