Mac N Cheese...

Boxed mac and cheese. The ultimate no brainer meal. Anyone can make it. That might be a stretch, but anyone that can read directions and reach the stove top can make it. Impossible to mess up... right? Wrong.

One of the major downsides of spending half my time in Orange County and half my time at my place in Los Angeles is that perishable food items are hard to come by. I'm never in one place long enough to keep vegetables, eggs or meat. Tonight Eric and I decided to go simple and make some boxed mac n cheese with some sausage. Halfway into cooking the mac we realized we were missing a key ingredient. Milk. But... it only needed two tablespoons. So the chef in me decided to come up with a great alternative. Creamer. French vanilla creamer. Smart right? Wrong. Again.

So while this might look like a great meal... in reality it is cheesy... french vanillay... mac n cheese. Highly recommend NOT trying this recipe. If you don't have have milk. Please, please, for heaven's sake... use WATER.

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