trader joes

I love to cook. Ok... duh. That is why I write a food blog. But seriously, if I had my way I would spend my days shopping open air markets searching for new and exciting ingredients and then go home to spend all evening cooking them. I have never felt more of a purpose then I do when I'm cooking for people.

However, like most people, I am very short on time. But, I have found a great solution. Trader Joe's. I mean, I've known about the grocery chain for years, but have just recently starting expanding my Trader Joe's frozen food horizons. It's like cooking a full meal with out the time consuming preparation. They have everything. EVERYTHING. From Mahi Mahi with a flavor to die for...

... and polenta in a spicy tomato sauce with spinach and peas.

And the best part, aside from the fact that you can add whatever you want and it will still be delicious, is that you still feel like you are actually making something! By cooking it in the oven, on the stove or grilling on the barbecue you still get the satisfaction of cooking something even though you are essentially just defrosting it.

So, I really love Trader Joe's and all their frozen, fresh and boxed goodies, but this guy really really loves Trader Joe's. Check out some more reasons to love Trader Joe's.

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