We all fall down...

Well, I made it back from Spain safe and sound. The trip was pretty much flawless. Except for those 30 Italian high school students wandering/flirting/speaking very very loudly, the girl behind me that kicked my chair 1,573 times and the broken entertainment systems. I know, I know... wah wah... how horrible, my flight back from SPAIN was bad. Ok I'm done whining now. I swear.

I had a wonderful time in a beautiful city with an amazing friend and I'm so glad I was actually able to make the trip happen. And I'm extra glad that I got to cook for her. I was a little worried it wasn't going to happen when the kitchen I was supposed to cook in had the gas shut off, but we made due. I know I have complained about how I have the teenie tiniest kitchen. Well I lied. Jeanelle has the teenie tiniest kitchen.

Despite it's small stature, and the rediculous amount of sweating (10% because I was nervous to cook for Jeanelle and 90% because it was insanely hot) I was able to pull of what I think was probably my best meal yet.

It was the best because it was inspired. Inspired by my new found love of food and my deep routed love for the people I was cooking it for. Jeanelle has become as close to me as blood, and even though we were separated by time and thousands of miles, it was like nothing had changed at all.

Ok... now that I'm all teary eyed... enough with the sappy stuff. Yes, I love my friend dearly. Not only because she is brave and personable and intelligent and wise, but because she loves to have fun. So we ate... and drank... and had some good old fashion fun... drinking game style.

Which resulted in this...

I would like to say there was one of us that wasn't blurry. But I can't. So I won't. I will however tell you that I fell. Down Jeanelle's tiny Spanish marble steps I had been complaining about for a week. We all fall down. Or at least I know I do. Thank heavens someone was there to pick me up...

Love and Beer Floats