BBQ Grilled Cheese

Whether they know it or not, I am probably both of my brother's biggest fans. I admire them both so much it almost brings me to tears writing this. Even though they both tower over me, I feel like I have to protect them and help them make a good life decision (which is hard when you can’t even make your OWN good life decisions). While I know it is awesome that I love them so much and do my best to help them out it has one serious downfall. I am such a SUCKER when it comes to my brothers. I’ll go to the ends of the earth if they ask nice enough. Not that they take advantage, but if they asked me to, I would literally go to the ends of the earth. (Albert and Joshua… don’t get any funny ideas.)

The moral of this story is that when Al or Josh thinks I do something worthwhile it sends me completely over the moon. It doesn’t happen very often, but every once in a while I can tell they are really proud of me the way I am proud of them. The average person would never be able to tell by what they say, but I can tell and that is all that matters. So, when Albert tells me, “You look alright today” this actually means he thinks I look amazing. If he though I looked like I did on any other day he wouldn’t say anything. Better yet, if I looked horrible he would say, “What happened to you? You look like sh*t.” Similarly, when I showed Josh my blog and asked him what he thought he told me he liked it. In my mind this was the best compliment I could possibly receive. Of course, he followed it up with “as much as I can like a blog.” Yes. Josh. Bring me back to reality.

Indirect compliments aside, they have both been super into my cooking and regularly frequent New Food Tuesday meals. So, when Josh told me he leaving for Florida early Wednesday morning, I volunteered to bring NFT to him.

On the menu…

Barbequed grilled cheese sandwiches...

Fresh tomato soup...

And a grilled summer squash and zucchini salad.

Why barbeque you ask? Because Josh and his cronies are living in their first ever apartment which means the chances of them having some sort if pan was slim to none. Barbequing was a safe alternative. And, I discovered it is quick and you can do way more sandwiches at a time on the grill. I might never make grilled cheese on the stove again! So thanks Joshua! Thank you for having no cooking tools and forcing me to be resourceful.

Good luck to you and the rest of the Junior National team in Florida!

Love and Beer Floats