Orange County Fair

The older I get, the more I realize that the Orange County Fair is a serious southern California past time that I have been missing out on. Although, unlike my lack of ever having meatloaf, this has nothing to do with my parents. As I have mentioned before, I am crazy allergic to pretty much all animals. And what do they have at the fair in addition to crazy fried foods, carnival rides built in 3 weeks and games I can never win? That’s right folks, the fair has every animal imaginable. My parents actually took me and my brothers a couple of times when I was younger. We would go get our faces painted, pick out hand blown glass figurines and go to the petting zoo. The petting zoo, also known as the place that would knock me on my little six year old butt for the next week.

After a couple of years of my parents watching me pet little goats until I made myself sick, we understandably stopped going to the fair. I managed to avoid the fair for the rest of my youth. When I went to college I lived in Los Angeles and all my friends weren’t from southern California. I was super safe because they didn’t even know the fair existed! It wasn’t until last summer that the fair snuck up on me again. Working in an office with hundreds of native socalers I was screwed. There was a constant buzz about fair rides and fair food and fair this and fair that. And SHUT IT. I get it! You all love the freaking fair. I was the big green grinch of the Orange County Fair and I was ok with that.

Until this year. Eric asked me very casually one night if I wanted to go to the fair. Oh man did he get an ear full. After a five minute and twenty-seven second rant on the fair he looked at me like I had just kicked his dog and stolen his lunch money. Lucky for him I am a sucker for his sad face.

So I thought about it. I’m an adult now. I know how to handle my allergies and have a lot more self control than six year old me. AND I can finally go to the fair and sample all that insane and heart attack causing fair food everyone raves about. So I agreed to go with one mission in mind. Eat everything in sight. Oh, and I did.

**Amateur eaters should NOT try this at home OR at their local fair.
Bacon wrapped peppers with cream cheese

Rosted corn on the cob with lemon pepper

Giant turkey leg. Meet Kris. He is a human garbabe disposal and was my fair food tour guide.

Corn Dogs!!! One of my all time favorites. If I'm ever mad at you, bring me a corn dog and we can make up.

No, I did not eat this, but I had to show it to you. Um... gross.

Onion Rings

Deep Fried Oreos (amazing)

Deep Fried Snickers (eh... not that amazing)

Chocolate covered Bacon (yes please!)

Best cinnamon bun I have ever eaten!

Love and Beer Floats

P.S. My self control is not as controlled as I thought. But, I was able to keep my hands to myself.

P.P.S. The fair is open till Sunday August 15th if you want to go have your own food fest.