Face Lift

Well, if you haven’t noticed the amazing new look of the blog lately you are either;

A. Really REALLY oblivious
B. In dyer need of glasses/a new prescription
C. Not reading the blog enough

Whichever it is, I highly recommend that you remedy the issues pronto.

Eric spent a majority of the day Saturday playing with pictures and fonts and layouts and file sizes. Things I don’t know anything about. Oh and what did I do while Eric toiled over computer issues? I beaded necklaces. Apparently I needed another hobby to fill my free time with. In fact, I was unhappy with my supplies so I made Eric stop the actual work he was doing and go with me to the bead store. And while my photography skills aren’t great, my purchases were.

Regardless of my lack of skills, I thought some people might enjoy checking out Eric’s skills. Here are the pictures from my apartment and my life that he used as inspiration for the new layout. You should also check out all the other ways he gets inspired to create.

He’s pretty talented and I’m one lucky girl. He remakes my world and lets me live.

Love and Beer Floats