Mimi's Cookie Bar

Other than the summer I spent bartending (badly) I have only had two jobs. I’ve been teaching kids to swim since I was nineteen and I’ve been working for Quiksilver since I was sixteen. Sure, I’ve taught hundreds of different children and had half a dozen different jobs at Quik, but I am basically a creature of habit and absurdely loyal.

With that being said, I’m sure it comes as no surprise that many of the people in my life have either been around a very long time, or are inter connected. When I was sixteen and had just started working at the Roxy store at South Coast Plaza in Costa Mesa, California, a great girl named Darla was one of my managers. I now see her daily roaming the halls or at the café at work. One of the girls I teach lessons with and I used to take swim lessons together twenty years ago. Eric happens to be the older brother of a good friend of mine from my first job at Quik after I graduated.

I think you get it. But, the point is, I’ve known everyone so long, that when they do something awesome, it is that much more exciting.

I met Mimi, of Mimi’s Cookie Bar when I was working in the store about seven years ago. She was friends with a girl who used to work in the store and still dates a guy I worked with at the time. And her first cousins step brother dates my uncles neighbor. Totally not confusing right?

She has started this amazing cookie company and I highly HIGHLY recommend you order some. They are delicious and make great gifts. And, if you know me and you order some, I might even pick them up for you to save a little moola on the shipping. If you are nice to me and tell me I’m pretty.

Happy cookie snacking! Order Here

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