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Finally! The weekend is on the horizon. You know, because this was such a long week and all. Really, I am just very excited for Friday night. Eric and I are having Blake and Morgan over for good old finger food. And I’m not even cooking everything this time.

I say that like I’m excited, but the truth is, I love making all the food. Morgan pretty much had to demand that she get to help. Control freak much?

We are making some great finger foods and just hanging at the house. Look how mature I’ve gotten! We are having a cornucopia of unhealthy appetizers. On the list are nachos, chili dip, pigs in a blanket, cheesy puff pastries and of course, spinach artichoke dip.

I only have one problem. Well, I have way more problems than just this one, but this meal only presents one problem. I have never made spinach artichoke dip. The actual making of the dip isn’t the hard part though. The hard part is figuring out which recipe to use out of the 132847921359302 I've found.

If you have a good recipe, or know someone that does, I would really appreciate it. So would Blake, Eric and Morgan. I will repay you with good vibes and lots of credit. Preferably one that tastes as good as this looks.

Love and Beer Floats

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