I am pretty sure I am going to completely regret telling you about this place. It is already hard enough to get in on a Wednesday night and here I am going and making it worse. But, I have to tell you about my favorite sushi spot.

Kanpai is a Los Angeles gem. You would never expect that something so amazing would be wedged in between a trophy store and a good will drop off center. They have an amazingly fresh sushi selection and are always thinking outside the box.

They serve a tone of great beer and saki AND they are open till one in the morning. I mean, I’ve never been there till one in the morning, but just in case I ever need to be, my option is open.

I could go on and on, but I’m not going to. I’m just going to show you the food. Take a look, and try not to drool on your keyboard. I already did and let me tell you it isn’t pretty.

Albacore with crispy onion

Wild Sockeye Salmon and Sawara

Crunch Roll

Empty plates. Happy bellies.

Anyone notice anything interesting about this drink selection?

Ya, looks totally normal to me too.

Go check out Kanpai and my all time favorite waiter, Peter. Just not on a Wednesday.

Love and Beer Floats

Address:8325 Lincoln Blvd.,Los Angeles,CA,90045