Melinda Lee and Me

I can only remember a handful of things ever being played on the radio in my mother’s car growing up. If we weren’t listening to Billy Joel’s Innocent Man, the Pretty Women soundtrack or Lonesome Dove by Garth Brooks, we were listening to talk radio. Lots and LOTS of talk radio.

KNX1070 News RAY DE OOOOOO. (There is a tune there, I swear.)

There isn’t much I remember about all the talking, just that there was a lot of it. But, I do remember one special lady. Every Saturday and Sunday, usually when I was on my way to or from some swim meet, Melinda Lee was on with Food News.

Now the fact that she was the only one I really noticed seems telling now, but at the time, I just liked the sound of her voice and she was the only person talking that said anything I could remotely relate to at the age of eight.

Well, I am my mother’s daughter and now I listen to a ton of talk radio and Melinda is still a common voice heard in my car. But today, today I felt like Melinda.

Since I am cooking at Josh’s apartment at UCLA tonight, he is in charge of the groceries. He called five separate times with food related questions. Should I get grated or shaved? What is a good substitute for the sage? What’s ciabatta?

Not only is Josh in charge of something major, but my mom is having her own NFT and is making one of her favorites, osso bucco, for the first time. I’m sorry Mom. I haven’t succeeded yet so I don’t know how long it takes to reduce a bottle of red wine by half. When you find out. Let me know.

Melinda, your job is safe for now. But watch out my friend, I’m coming for you. Maybe after tonight’s calzones, white bean soup and barbequed Caesar salad.

I’ll be right back after a word from our sponsor.

Love and Beer Floats