Boobies and The Golden Gate Bridge

When a lot of blog worthy things have happened in a short period of time, I often experience serious writers block. With so many funny, ridiculous and delicious things happening all around me, it’s hard for me to quiet my mind and focus on just one topic. So, while I’m sitting here, trying to think of how to tell you about wine tasting, the dinner I made for my extended family or my families obsession with See’s Candies with out putting you to sleep, I’ve been blog stalking myself.

Yes, you read that correctly. I often stalk my own blog. I’ll read old post over again and either giggle or cringe. I look at old pictures and think yummy or blegh(insert disgusted face here). I often look at the analytics Google gives me and marvel at the random places in the world people are looking at NFT’z. Every once in a while I will check to see what “key words” people have searched that have lead them to me. They are usually searching a food related key phrase like “french onion soup” or “herb crusted halibut”. Every once in a while it will be something a little more off topic like “Melinda Lee”. But today’s key words are the best yet. Today someone searched “beach topless,” “beach season topless” and “topless people’s beach.” Someone clearly has boobies in mind and I don’t think this post was what they really wanted.

Now that I have bored you with by blabber about writers block, here are some pretty (and one awkward) pictures of me and Eric at the Golden Gate Bridge.

Love and Beer Floats