Cheers to really pretty butterfly glasses and the great boyfriend who drinks out of them.

Last night, Eric and I took Lish and her fiancé Josh to a clash of titans. Eric is a Lakers fan and Lish is a Suns fan, so we headed to the basketball game in downtown Los Angeles to celebrate their rivalry and Lish and Josh getting married in seven months.

In typical Angela fashion, I demanded that we make a delicious dinner before we headed out. In typical Lish and Josh fashion, we made carne asada tacos, salsa, refried beans and guacamole. In typical Eric fashion, he stressed the whole time that we wouldn’t get to the game on time. And he was right. As usual.

In California, we have a lot of blessings to count, but high up on the list are Mexican food, avocados and guacamole. I’ve been all over this great country and abroad, and no one’s Mexican food holds a candle to ours. In Chicago, the enchiladas were bland and the margaritas were so sour they burnt my taste buds. In London, you can find everything from Ethiopian to Thai, but nothing I would even consider Mexican food. And in North Carolina I had “guacamole” that was really just green flavorless soup. Very disappointing you guys. Get it together.

After you read this, you will have no excuse.

Along with our taco feast, I made some guacamole that was to die for. You can’t mess it up. I promise. Even if you live in North Carolina.

You will need…

1 diced tomato

2 ripe avocados

¼ cup diced onion (white or red, your choice)

Juice of 1 lime

1 teaspoon each of garlic powder, salt and onion powder

If you like it spicy, you can add your favorite pepper finely chopped. I don’t because I’m a big baby.

And, your favorite chips for dipping.

Lightly mash avocado to the consistency you prefer. I usually like it a little chunkier because when you add the extra ingredients it will soften a bit. Add in the garlic powder, salt, onion powder, lime juice and pepper if desired. Mix well. Add onion and diced tomato and lightly combine.

Dip that chip!

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