Happy Thanksgiving

I would like to propose a toast. A toast to all the hosts out there providing a delicious meal for all their guests. I toast you. I toast your hours in the kitchen. I toast your sore arms and your aching backs. Your oil burns and your cut fingers. Thank you for bringing all your guests together to celebrate what they are most thankful for. Each other.

Thank you to my gracious hosts, my Aunt Peggy and Uncle Thomas. Thank you for hosting us and cooking us some delicious food. Thank you for your love and support and letting me cook in your kitchen. Today, I am truly thankful for you.

And your beautiful Thanksgiving table.

And your beautiful, yet damaged turkey.

But seriously… how many people does it take to move a turkey?

Apparently in my family, it takes many.

The more cooks in your kitchen, the more love in your heart.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Love and Beer Floats