You Spin Me Right Round...

So, tomorrow is a big day. A big scary day. The scariest big day I’ve had since the feast. But, bigger than the feast. Eeek.

Everyone has been so supportive of NFT’z. Friends, family, people I kind of know and complete strangers have been completely awesome. Especially my coworkers. They have been so encouraging and complimentary and now it is THEIR turn to have NFT.

Tomorrow, in honor of Angie’s birthday, we are having NFT at her and her family’s new place and our whole department will be joining us. Since there will be so many people, I’ve decided it can’t ALL be new food. So, we will have a new food and old food combo.

Check out this insane menu. Try not to drool. Please. It’s very unflattering.

Balsamic shallots and goat cheese crustinis. Butternut squash raviolis. Baked panzanella/caprese salad. Caesar with my family’s dressing. Chicken ragu with linguini. Chicken Diane. Roasted potatoes and asparagus. And, some sort of dessert I have yet to establish because my head is spinning off.

Please, make the spinning stop.

Wish me luck ya’ll. Lets all cross our fingers I don’t…

Love and Beer Floats

P.S. I know I am behind on the updates from last week. I swear I’ll get it together.