Temporarily Losing My SH#T

It is no mystery to those close to me that I can be a hot head every once in a while. If this incident isn’t a perfect example of that fact, then I have no idea what is.

I used to be irrational most of the time, but two instigating, manipulating brothers have trained me to keep my cool. Most of the time.

Last night, 13 out of 16 people eating at our home for Christmas dinner were in the kitchen. They were either asking me, or telling me what to do. One of my brothers, who shall remain nameless, was harassing me with all means available short of poking me with the fire poker. With all of that going on, I kept my cool. I kept my cool until someone, who will also remain nameless moved the center piece that I HAD JUST MOVED out of my way, back into my path.

That’s when I lost it. It was brief, and quite by my standards, but I lost it regardless. It was pretty embarrassing. Especially considering the only person who really noticed was my cousin’s girlfriend who has only spent time with our family once. I’m 98% sure that the Queen of England is going to knight her after this weekend with my family.

After Eric stole me from the situation to take a couple deep breaths, I returned to serve one of the best meals I’ve ever served. The veggies were delicious, you could cut the meat with a spoon and I will probably be having dreams about the steak sauce for the next three weeks.

My mom even complimented me today for recovering after my moment of weakness. Watch out friends, I might be maturing.

That which does not kill us, only makes us stronger.

Love and Beer Floats