It is truly rare to find something that completely and totally lives up to its hype. Often, when something has been talked up to sound absolutely amazing, it is never as good in real life as it is in your head. Movies, parties and restaurants more often than not fall flat to my expectations. Nobu was the exact opposite.

Nobu, an international sushi chain with a flair for Asian and South American fusion, has been mentioned often in the year Eric and I have been dating. When we talk of sushi or dining experiences or Hong Kong, Nobu inevitably comes up. Eric loves Nobu so much that he bought me the cookbook so he could eat it at home. So, when he suggested we go there for our anniversary, I got nervous.

I’m not exactly a relationship pro and I have only achieved the coveted first anniversary once before, so please understand my hesitation to try a new restaurant on our special day. I was worried that something Eric held in such regard wouldn’t live up to all the expectation.

But it completely did. Thank god I listened for once! The fish was so fresh and delicious. The ambiance and the service were warm and inviting.

Everything was perfect from the ginger and cucumber martini to the man that folded my napkin perfectly every time I used the restroom. And, after I downed half a bottle of bubbly, a martini and a beer was pretty often.

I don’t even care that I’m completely hyping it up to you now. It’s that good. There is NO WAY you would be let down.

Here are some teasers…

Yellowtail Sashimi with JalapenoFluke Sashimi with Dried Red Miso & Yuzu Sauce Shrimp with Lobster & Spicy Lemon Sauce

Ribeye Steak with Truffle Butter Sauce
Aji (Jackfish) wtf? what is that?
Chopstick Rest
Chocolate Bento Box Dessert with Hazelnut and Vanilla Ice Cream Sandwiches. I die.

Nobu is definitely on the pricier end of things. But if you have a special occasion, or just some extra cash, this restaurant is a gem that is worth every cent.

Love and Beer Floats