Drool Worthy

Aside from the photography class I took my senior year of high school, my knowledge of the art of photos is seriously limited. And even then, I spent more time thinking about how to smooch my boyfriend in the dark room than I did about aperture and shadows.

Sure, I know the difference between a good picture and a bad picture. I just don’t know how to CREATE a good picture. Nor do I have the tools considering I’ve broken three cameras in three years.

There are so many food bloggers who have AMAZING pictures that sometimes I feel a little left out. I know that New Food Tuesdayz isn’t ALL about the pictures and that it’s actually about the food journey, but I can’t help but feel some serious blog envy.

When Steve offered to bring his fancy camera to dinner on Tuesday to snap some photos of me in action, I got so giddy I almost piddled. I just uploaded them and they came out so wonderful despite the tiny kitchen, order barking cook and low battery. I had to share some of my favorites.

These are completely unedited considering I do not have the tools or skills to perfect them.

Thank you so much Steve for melding your passion with mine.

Love and Beer Floats