Love IS All You Need

It is a little difficult for me to feel warm and gushy at the moment considering my nose is currently doing its best leaky faucet imitation, but here goes nothing…

I realize I touched on my love of St. Valentine’s Day last week, but I don’t feel that my mini blurb gave you the full appreciation of my love of this special day.

So often on February 14th, people (girls) get discouraged by their lack of a valentine. Or even worse, get disappointed when their valentine doesn’t meet their (unrealistically) high expectations. Stop it. Stop it right now! Not only are you bumming yourself out, but you are making the rest of us look bad.

If you share my enthusiastic feelings about this day celebrating nothing but love, awesome. If not, change your outlook on this day. Even though this world can be dark and doomy sometimes, there is literally love all around us. Why do have to focus on the love of a lover? Instead, focus your time and energy on ALL the people in your life who bring you joy.

Today I am celebrating all those who make me feel mushy inside by sharing my heart and my food. My family, friends, mentors, and coworkers all bring me so much joy that I can’t help but feel supremely blessed. Really think about all the people in your life who make you feel good and celebrate them.

If you are without a family or friends or anyone who makes your heart beat a little stronger, then today you are my valentine. And even though you THINK no one has you in their heart, I bet you are wrong.

Here is some food for thought.

I once asked my mother, “What if I never find the right person?” To which she responded, “Well then, you will just have to be happy with yourself.”

More than anything in this world, I believe that to truly give and receive love to another human being, you have to first love yourself. So if you literally have NOTHING and NOBODY, find joy in the fact that you were made perfectly. And if you haven’t discovered that about yourself yet (I know it took me a long time) then do something today that makes you feel good about YOU.

Happy Valentine’s Day to all my little wannabe foodies out there. Love REALLY is all you need.

Well that and a full belly.

Love your Valentine