About Bridges

Cooking in my new single life has come with some serious advantages and disadvantages. For instance, I no longer have to worry about someone else’s dislikes or what they are mood for, but I don’t have someone to always hold the camera or lift the heavy things I’m too weak to carry.

I also do a lot more dishes.


The single life is also going to present a very interesting new dilemma. When I started the blog, I was already with someone who fully supported me sharing OUR lives with all of you. How am I going to explain to someone new that I might publish personal information about us for the whole world to see on a regular basis? If I get angry and throw a ball of play dough at his head, I’m going to need to share that information with you.

Friends have told me that the right guy for me will be one who supports the whole neurotic cooking and blogging thing, but I guess this is a bridge I will have to cross when I get there since so far I have no one I’m interested in cooking for let alone blogging about.

So, in the mean time I will blog about my friend’s love lives. Theirs seem to be much more entertaining at the present moment. Tonight I’m hosting a date night of sorts for a new couple and a soon to be married couple.

Don’t worry Tanya, I’ll go easy on the garlic for you. Wink, wink.

Love and Beer Floats