Bikini Food Tuesday

Swimsuit by Poko Pano

Lish and I have lived together for a long time. So long that our life and personal styles have begun to meld. Often we will get dressed at different places and show up for an event wearing almost identical outfits. More than once we have emailed each other at the exact same time with something very similar. Neither of us has a sister, but I imagine we have formed a sister like bond.

One of the things we originally bonded over was our love of swimsuits. We love them so much in fact that we are both making careers at places that sell swimwear. It was probably the combined thirty years of swimming experience that started the obsession, but both of us seem to be just as comfortable in a bikini as we are in a pair of sweats.

Tonight we are combining two of our passions, swimwear and delicious food.

It’s bikini food Tuesday ya’ll.

Lish was reading a magazine that had an article on healthy ingredients and the idea to combine food and barely there swimwear was born. She will be peddling her swim suits at our apartment/makeshift swimsuit warehouse and I will be pushing my hopefully delicious and healthy snacks.

Get excited for the soon to be…

Baked Kale Chips
Whole Wheat Pasta with Garlicy Kale and Tomatoes
Barely, Salmon and Orange Salad
Ribeye Salad with Peppers and Arugula

Plus, some delicious desserts that girls will be bringing. It’s March and I am STILL recovering from December's twelve days of treats.

Sorry dudes. No boys allowed.

Love and Beer Floats