College Life

Every once in a while, I get the intense urge to completely ignore the fact that I am an adult. For a couple hours, a night or a weekend I will throw all caution to the wind and I will pretend like I am still in college. I will dance all night, wear a ridiculous costume, laugh too loud and probably drink a little too much.

I will not however scale walls when I lock myself out of my home or hotel room. I promised my mom and dad that I won’t do that anymore.

Last night was one of those nights.

Lindsey B and I headed over to my brother Albert’s man pad for dinner and drinks. I totally expected to go over there and cook a nice dinner, have a couple glasses of wine and head home. But, the second I walked in and saw the mess of a college life, something came over me.

By our fourth glass of wine, it no longer mattered that dinner wasn’t going to happen till 10pm. It didn’t matter that we had no flour and had to take a cooking break while the boys ran to grab it at the store. It didn’t matter than the handle of the pan broke sending two delicious pieces of chicken flailing across the kitchen.

And it definitely didn’t matter that Jack accidentally ingested part of his plastic fork.

All that mattered was that the food was good, the drinks were good and we were hanging out late night on a Wednesday with people we really enjoy.

Last night reminded me of all the things I love about cooking.

It’s messy.

You have to improvise and think on your feet.

(No bowl? Whisk dressing in a mug.)

(No lid? A giant pan will do!)

It’s engaging to everyone around you...

and it inspires team work.

(Stressing out on your art project? Chef assistant will help you cut out your letters.)

Hell, everyone has to eat, so why not create something delicious.

A big thank you to Albert, Zach, Jack, Robbie and Joe for having us over and letting us ransack your kitchen and act like fools.

An extra special thank you to Jack for serving food shirtless just because Lindsey and I said so.

And to Joe for making this face at Jack while he served us shirtless.

The headache this morning was totally worth it. But whatever you do, don't drink anything that looks like this.

Love and Beer Floats