Macaroni and Cheese Grilled Cheese

Recently, I heard a study on the radio in which scientists proved that comfort foods are actually comforting. Foods like meatloaf, green bean casserole and pot roast can actually make people feel better. Physically.

Personally, I believe it.

Beef stroganoff, chicken noodle soup and mashed potatoes, ALWAYS make me feel great.

So, I decided to take two of the BEST comfort foods, and make them one. With the help of Steve and his mothers Mac'n'Cheese recipe of course.

That’s right my friends. Macaroni and cheese grilled cheese sandwiches.

Say that 10 times fast.

I know this sounds like one of those things that it absolutely crazy, but it was just so crazy that it worked. And boy oh boy did it work.

The key to this dynamite sandwich is a REALLY cheesy macaroni and cheese recipe, plenty of extra cheddar and some delicious bread.

Oh yeah, and lots and lots of love.

Warning. This feeds an army. So have invite over some friends and get ready to be comforted.

You will need...

(For authenticity, I decided to share this recipe with you the way God and Steve intended it to be viewed. Basically I think the way he wrote it is hilarious. I’ve added some details so you can actually comprehend it. E-mail me at if you need help with the conversions or clarifications.)

.6 lb fontina
.6 lb gruyere
Large block of sharp/extra sharp cheddar (can be orange or white)
6 cups whole milk
5 tbsp butter
¾ brown onion, grated
Pinch of white pepper
5 tbsp flour
1 lb penne noodles (you can use something else but penne works best for the sandwich)

Boil noodles

Grate all cheese in big bowl

Melt 5 tbsp butter and sauté ¾ of a brown onion, grated

Add 5 tbsp of flour (to sautéed brown onion), mix into paste

Strain noodles and put onion/butter/flour paste in big pot (not with the noodles, mixture gets its own pot)

Add 6 cups whole milk and a pinch of white pepper (to the onion/butter/flour)

(Steve and I have the same tendency to try and put too much in too little of a container/pot/pan)

Stir over med/low heat until thick

Take off heat, add almost all of cheese and stir until melted (leave a bit of cheese to sprinkle on top)

Mix in noodles and stir until completely covered in cheez

Pour into 9x13 Pyrex sprayed with Pam

Crumble bread crumbs/corn flakes on top, cover with leftover cheese

Bake for 30 minutes at 350*

Let set for about 10 minutes or it’ll be a hot mess

Zupa good!

To make the sandwiches you will need...
1 loaf of good sourdough bread
3 tablespoons soft butter
1 lb of cheddar, sliced 1/8 inch thick

To assemble the sandwiches, butter one side of each piece of bread. Make sure to butter the sides that will be touching your panini press or pan.

Start by adding a solid layer of cheddar to the bottom piece of bread.

Follow the cheddar with a hearty layer of macaroni and cheese.

Place the top layer of bread onto the macaroni layer, making sure the butter side is facing up.

Place the sandwich in either a panini press or onto a large pan over medium/high heat.

Cook until the layer of cheddar has heated through. You will need to flip once if this is on a pan about 3 minutes in.

It’s Zupa, you’re Zupa and Steve and his Mommy are Zupa!

Love and Beer Floats,