Reunited! And it Feels So Good!

One week ya’ll. One week until the crazy wedding festivities begin. At this time next week I will be practicing my walk down the aisle.


I am going to walk down an aisle. And sign a marriage license. As a witness of course.

The week we have been waiting for since the proposal eight months ago is finally upon us.

There are lots of amazing things happening this week. There will be lots of great parties with great friends and great food. Oh, and that little part where my roommate marries her perfect match.

And while all those things are phenomenal and I can’t wait, there is something even better happening.

A MAJOR reunion.

Before it was just me and Lish, we had a third.

A pretty little thing named Jeanelle.

She made us complete.

And as of right now she is back on US soil. (She is currently living in Amsterdam with her lovely boyfriend Steven)

Twenty-four hours from now the three of us will be reunited in San Luis Obispo for a wine tasting bachelorette party to remember.

I have traveled the world to see her, and tomorrow she comes to us.

I just piddled a little. THAT EXCITED.

I’m going off the grid for a day or two my friends.

We have memories like these to make.

Love and Beer Floats

P.S. I am just as excited to be reunited with Maggie (Chicago), Nicole (Colorado) and Liz (Phoenix).

P.P.S. How cool an international are my friends?

P.P.P.S. Pretty cool and international.