Fourth Grade Reunion

In the fourth grade, I left my local elementary school to enroll in the G.A.T.E. program in our school district.

Gifted and Talented Education.

Yes, I have been a smart ass for a long time.

For three years, I had most of the same kids in my class (with the exception of those who moved in our out of town).

We were like our own little 9-12 year old family. We went on trips together. We had secret societies. We even had a few weddings and divorces.

Apparently big brains mean really big imaginations.

But no matter who was mad at whom that week, we always teamed up together against the “normal” kids. We would fight our battles on the dodge ball or basketball court. Sometime we won, sometimes we lost, but we didn’t care because we always thought we were better.


One bad (and stupid) seed ruined the “normal” kids argument about them being superior when they decided to write a poorly spelled acronym on the wall by our class rooms.


Geks at Taft Elementary.

Not geeks. Geks.

You better believe we had a freaking field day with that one.

Regardless of school yard battles, failed relationships and who stole who’s boyfriend of the moment, we were a tight nit group.

Lindsey B, my best friend was in the class with me. I still talk to many members of our special family and have managed to track almost all of them down on Facebook.

Yes, I am a professional Facebook stalker. Watch yourself.

But, it was our friend Keala who suggested that some of us girls get together for a drink while she was in town.

It was like time had stopped, except now Keala is actually married instead of ring pop married to Michael Woo.
I have no tie into food here people, so stop hoping I’ll get to the culinary point.

My point is, get together with those long lost friends. Worst case scenario is you waste a couple hours with boring people that you never have to see again.

Or you can have a sweet and tipsy fourth grade reunion and a photo to remember it by.

Love and Beer Floats