Good Fortune

Everyone has pet peeves. I am no exception to the rule.

On the top of my list…

When people touch my radio in the car without asking my permission. I was listening to that song you fool. Don’t turn it down!

When people pronounce things incorrectly. If you don’t know the correct way, ask.

Statement cookies.

What is a statement cookie you might ask? A statement cookie is a wannabe fortune cookie. A cookie that doesn’t give you some awesome fortune, but tells you something you already know.


Fortune – You will soon inherit a large sum of money.

Statement – You have a large sum of money.

See the difference?

It drives me crazy. I don’t want you to tell me something I already know. Tell me something new and exciting! That is the job of the fortune cookie!

Usually, a statement cookie really puts me in a foul mood. Until I got this one…

Compliments tickle me pink every time. Even when it’s from a statement cookie.

Me thinks this statement cookie has some knowledge. Maybe I should follow its advice?

Love and Beer Floats