Oh Captain, My Captain

Last week I mentioned that I play in an adult softball league. I realize that my status as an adult is still up for debate on a daily basis, but it is an adult league none the less.

On par with my childlike behavior, I decided to bust the camera out at my game last night.

This little darling caused me to get the camera out in the first place.

This picture was taken moments after she told me that ACDC was her favorite band.

But gems like this are why I kept it out.

Oh, and do you like how the focus is super off?

That would be because of this…

What is that you ask? That is a “rainbow” from the bar we frequent before softball games. It looks beautiful and harmless, but it has a Bacardi 151 floater.

If you don’t know what that means, you are not nearly on my level and are probably better off.

Oh, and I got a bat! After three seasons I actually purchased the proper equipment. She doesn’t have a name yet, but I’m toying around with Bessie. Thoughts?

Most importantly, I would like to take a second to thank our fearless softball leader, Andrianna. She is moving to Australia next week and her good humor, organization and first baseman “skills” will be missed greatly.

By the way, she is our second captain we’ve had. The first one moved to Florida. Am I sensing a trend?


Thank you for all you do! You will have a blast and we will miss you every second that you are gone.

Bring me home a hot Australian to play on our team.

Love and Beer Floats