Paso Robles. The Wine Tour

After Lish’s bachelorette party weekend, I feel that I need to give you a full run down of all the glorious things I learned while visiting Paso Robles wine country in central California.

Let me just tell you that I learned absolutely nothing about wine other than I like to drink lots of it. But, we both already knew that.

I did learn that you should always stay in

hotels that are bubblegum pink and white and will sleep everyone in your party in one room. Like the Madonna Inn.

When traveling the country side, you should always travel in a large party bus that resembles a refrigerator on wheels.

First, you should stop at the Eagle Castle . It is an ideal first stop because the tasting is affordable and it is picturesque. It is crucial to get your pictures taken early because NO ONE looks good with purple teeth and lips.

If you are well behaved, you might find your knight in shining armor.

However, if you are bad, you might get punished.

Your second stop should Tobin Tobin James. You will have a little buzz going and will be ready to get your groove on at this upbeat, western inspired tasting room. The wine here is delicious and when you are ready for a snack, they might just have delicious stone fire pizzas ready for your booze filled tummy.

Finally, when you are good and tipsy, you need to head to Clautiere. This whimsical tasting room is the perfect place to let out your inner rock star, Goldie Locks or Marge Simpson.

After your wine tasting excursion, you might become the subject of an amazing chic stereotype when you dance around in your underwear and play “Never Have I Ever.”

Sorry, those pictures got lost.

Most of all, I was reminded that I have phenomenal friends who love to drink and dance and laugh as much as I do.

What more could a girl want?

Love and Beer Floats