Do Work

I came into work this morning feeling anything but my best self. A local bar has live band karaoke on Thursdays. This might come as a shock, but I love it. It is totally worth sitting at my desk hung over all day Friday.

So, into work I stroll. Late, coffee in hand, sunglasses on and hair a mess. Let me tell you, I looked wonderful and felt even better.

Upon arriving at my desk I discover this…

A giant freaking zucchini.

Is this real life?

It is indeed my friends. My awesome cube neighbor Jenni brought me a HUGE zucchini from her garden with a special little note.

“Do Work.”

Oh and work that zucchini I will do. I don’t know how yet, but I’m going to work the crap out of that sucker.

This was a pretty great start to the day, but I got an even bigger surprise right when the still drunk feeling was turning into an afternoon hangover.

A friend of mine, Dayna, who I work with and who also participated in the Munch-A-Thon with me, pounced on me the second I got back from lunch.

Turns out a girl who she has known since middle posted a link to this here blog on Dayna’s facebook wall with this message…

“So I read this food blog every so often -- I can't remember where I found it or when, but I have it bookmarked. Today I was scrolling through recent entries and saw a picture of someone I recognized. (I think it's the fourth picture down.) Do you know the girl who writes that blog?”

I literally burst open with joy. And I cussed really loudly. Sorry office friends.

Just this morning I was wondering if anyone out there was even reading these words and cooking these dishes and laughing at my stupid jokes and giggling when I screw up or piddle.

Thank you so much Laurel for answering the question. I don’t really care if you are the ONLY person other than my parents reading, you, Jenni and that offensively large zucchini made my week.

Love and Beer Floats,