Airplane Food

My next statement might shock you.

It might even gross you out.

One or more of you might be horrified by it.

I. Like. Airplane food.

There. I said it.

Clearly, the food itself leaves MORE than something to be desired. It’s usually, bland, stale and down right unappealing.

But something about airplane food really excites me.

I don’t think it is the actual food that excites me as much as the idea of a meal on an airplane does.

The first time I ever had any airplane food was actually really positive. My parents and I were on our way to Hawaii and we had been upgraded to first class.

They actually served lobster claws. LOBSTER. On and airplane.

To me, it represented something exotic. Even later in life when airplane food was much less than lobster. Food on an airplane meant you were going somewhere far. A place where there are adventures and unknowns.

So, even though airplane food sucks. It means you’re going somewhere.

Somewhere like this.

Volos, Greece

Love and Beer Floats