Team Work

I love lots of things.

Billy Joel.



But at the very tip top of my list is when people who don't usually cook want to help me in the kitchen.

I'm talking about the people who under no other circumstances would be cought with an emmersion blender or a rolling pin in their hands.

Even though it's tempting, I try never to force people to help in the kitchen. But when they are so intrigued by what's going on that THEY want to help, it makes my little heart beam.

Sunday, on top of chicken marsala, I made home made pasta for the my family and Josh's water polo buddies.

They were so intrigued by what was going on that they wanted to get in on the action.

And even though they are large...

And were in my way...

I loved it...

Every second of it.

Because this is why I love to cook.

Love and Beer Floats