Dos Lime Pop-Up

When I was a freshman in college at Loyola Marymount University in Los Angeles, I signed up for a little something called Facebook.

Have you heard of it?

Oh you have? Well, back in the middle of 2004, not many people had. It was originally for a select few colleges and it was basically just a way to stalk that hottie in your macro economics class.

If you were really bold you would poke them and hope that a poking war would ensue.

My junior year, they got really fancy and you could spend $10 to buy a birthday advertisement for your friends. Ten smackers would get you one hundred banners on the side of your networks facebook page. You could insert some funny tag line and a horrible picture of your best bud at their finest (if you consider your drunkest your finest) moment.

Now Facebook is… well, you know what Facebook is. It’s that thing that controls all of our lives and the way I share this blog with people.

And even though Facebook wasn’t the first social media site, it reinvented the wheel.

But, apparently Facebook doesn’t share enough information. I’m not sure if you were aware, but your friends really need to know what movie you are currently watching or what grocery store you are currently buying ketchup at. And so Twitter was born.

Now while I do pretty much live and die by Facebook and all its gossip, photos and ever changing relationship updates, Twitter baffles me. Yes, I have a Twitter. You can follow me @newfoodtuesdayz, but other than posting new blog posts, I have no idea what I’m supposed to say.

@NewFoodTuesdayz: yay for lunchtime yoga
@NewFoodTuesdayz: Uggghhhhhhhh coworkers
@NewFoodTuesdayz: just picked my nose

So I’ve found myself just following the important people like my friends, CNN and Paula Dean.

And the food trucks. The only way to know where they are is follow their Twitter feeds. Want that delicious Korean bbq taco? Tweet me!

Mostly I find twitter pointless, but it did turn me on to this EPIC food event I went to last week. Two Orange County food trucks (Dos Chinos and The Lime Truck who just won Food Network’s Great American Food Truck Race) joined forces to put on a joint pop-up restaurant for one night and one night only.

Paired with a swanky mixologist of course.

Six courses of Latin/Asian hybrid food paired with a complimentary and delicious drink for each dish.

Seriously. It. Was. EPIC.

And so filling.

I honestly don’t know what was in half of this stuff, but my favorites were definitely the braised pork belly and the bone marrow butter.

Get in MY belly.

Here are some highlights from the event.

No drink left behind...

Yes, my boyfriend on a stripper pole was for sure a highlight.

So is playing with spoons.

I guess Twitter does have a purpose.

Love and Beer Floats