How To Guide: Avoiding Tears While Cutting Onions

The dreaded onion.

In my opinion, they are awesome and just so happen to be the basis for almost every one of my awesome soups, but to most they represent a major road block.

Who on earth would want to cook with an ingredient that turns them into a blubbering baby every time they use it?

I know I wouldn’t. Thankfully, I have super strong tear ducts and it takes a seriously gnarly onion to make me tear up. But, my boyfriend is not so lucky.

I have no idea how we came to this subject, but Wesley’s brother’s girlfriend, Heather, (My uncle’s, cousin’s, stepbrother’s mother. Follow me?) told us that if you stick a piece of bread in your mouth while chopping an onion, you can be tear free.

Wes thought this was ridiculous.

Until I made him chop some onions for me on Monday. He was whining up a storm until I shoved a piece of sourdough in his mouth.

The bread was such a success he requested another slice.

No tears. No whining.

I’ll count that as a win.

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