Liquid Courage and Cake

I volunteer to do a lot of crazy things. Especially when I have had an adult beverage or two.

A drink or two in, I start feeling pretty invincible and I start to agree to silly things.

One drink…

Sure, I will totally pick you up from that airport that’s an hour away at six in the morning on a Saturday.

Two drinks…

Of course I will help your kid I don’t know with their college application and then give them a tour of my alma mater.

Three drinks…

Wait for it…

You bet I will design and bake your wedding cake for approximately one hundred and twenty-five people. No problem.

Oh yeah.

I did it.

Committed to making my good friends wedding cake for her nuptials next September.

No problem. I can totally learn how to bake and decorate cakes in ten months.



Love and Beer Floats