Grilled Caprese Sandwiches

Tuesday night dinner conversation, while my boyfriend, my brother, my parents and I are chowing down on these sandwiches.

Albert: Do we really only get one sandwich each?

Me: I told you, I ran out of bread.

Mom: There was plenty of bread in the freezer.

Me: Um … like I said… I ran out of bread.

Wes: These are really good. I didn’t know how they would end up but they are really good.

Me: They are tasty. Albert, I know you love Asian fusion so I was thinking of doing another fun sandwich next week with the frozen meatballs. Kind of like an Asian barbeque sauce meatball sub but with some pickled veggies and maybe some Asian slaw.

Mom: (silently makes this face)

Me: Seriously mom?

Mom: What? I didn’t say anything.

Me: What do you mean you didn’t say anything? You’re face said it all. It was a combo of fear and disgust with a hint of smelling something stinky. I know that face. I make that face. I learned it from you.

I’m sure a similar conversation happened to the sad soul who suggested this delicious sandwich to his or her loved ones. Little did they know it would be pinned on Pinterest and tons of people would go on to make and enjoy it.


So suck it doubting families of the world.

Support all of our crazy sandwich ideas. And then eat them quietly or feed them to the dog if they are gross.

You will need… (to make 4 sandwiches, plan accordingly or your bro will be very upset)

8 slices of sour dough bread
2 large ripe tomato at room temperature, sliced ¼ inch thick

2 balls of fresh mozzarella cheese at room temperature, sliced ¼ inch thick

4 tablespoons pesto
2 tablespoons olive oil
Salt and pepper to taste

Start by lightly brushing the sides of the bread that will be the outsides of your sandwiches (the sides that will be touching the pan).

Assemble your sandwich by applying about 1 tablespoon of pest to the inside layers of your sandwich.

Then lay down a solid layer of cheese followed by a solid layer of tomato.

Season with salt and pepper and plop down your top layer of bread.

Place the sandwich(es) on a large pan over medium high heat.

Cook until the slice of bread on the pan becomes golden brown and crisp.

Flip once.

Cook until the second slice of bread has become golden brown and the cheese has become ooey gooey. 

Yes, that is a technical term.

Remove from the pan, slice and serve.

Never be afraid to get creative!

Love and Beer Floats