Twenty-Seven Years Young

About twelve hours in to my twenty-seventh birthday, I had one of the most obvious moments of the universe aligning that I’ve ever had. And I have to share it.

This post needs a soundtrack, so go ahead and press play on this video.

Around nine this morning I got up to go to a yoga class. Every year on my birthday I try to do something really good for my body. I like to give it a little thank you for getting me this far.

After a great yoga session, the studio owner gave me a very thoughtful gift. Nothing was necessary, but he and his wife made me feel very special on this “special” day.

I got in my car to find countless text messages, emails and Facebook posts wishing me a wonderful day.

As I made the left hand turn on to Pacific Coast Highway on a stunning sunny day I burst into tears.

I’m not really a crier, but I couldn’t stop. I was overcome with emotion.

My twenty-sixth year was filled with such highs and lows. In that moment, as shimmering waves crashed to my right, as sad tunes played in the background, as tears streamed down my face I was both morning and celebrating the year that is now behind me.

In the last year of my life I faced health scares and surgery, the loss of a good friendship and family trials and tribulations. In those same twelve months, I got a new rewarding job, rediscovered my self worth, realized that my friends truly are my soul mates and been on many wonderful and character building trips.

When I had exhausted myself of recapping the year’s events, I realized the tears were really coming down now.

Then I started thinking about all the goals I had set for myself. I want to get married and have a family and open a restaurant and travel. And oh my God, I am one year older and have one less year to accomplish everything that I need to.

Now the tears were really coming down.

At a stoplight, through watery eyes, I checked my email. Yes, I know it is not good to look at my phone while driving. No way I’m perfect.

And this was the email that I received from my aunt and uncle…

Subject: Great Day Angela         

Know you’re loved and valued for your power and radiance.

Thomas and Peggy

That is when I started bawling. Not because I was sad, but because that was the exact words I needed to hear at that exact moment to realize that I was going to be ok.

Because the only real goal I have in my life is to live a life of meaning and value. To lie a life where I make the people around me’s lives better. That’s all I truly want out of life. I am doing my best to do that every day and that is all I can do.

And then, no joke, this song came on.

I did feel better. Way better. Every day I am spreading love and light by loving my friends and family, cooking from my heart, sharing my experiences good and bad and the ugly on my blog and by being as kind as I can be to every living thing I come in contact with.

The tears stopped coming. I felt better. Way better.

I’m now completely ready for twenty-seven. The first twenty-six were really great, but the every day I will be a little bit better than I was yesterday, but not as good as I will be tomorrow.

Have a wonderful day spent enjoying lifes beauty.