i'm back……

i know. i know. what a little bitch i was. slinking off into silence without a word or warning.

the truth was, i just didn't know what to say. 

for those who have no idea what I am talking about, let me catch you up on what you missed. 

january 2010 - started teaching myself how to cook and nftz was born

cooked a bunch of stuff and wrote about it

may 2011 - moved in with my parents and started utilizing their amazingly gorgeous kitchen

cooked some better stuff and wrote about it

july 2012 - met wesley

started making up my own recipes, made some good stuff, messed some stuff up and wrote about it

february 2013 - left the company i started working at when i was sixteen to spread my wings and fly. literally. part of my job was traveling the country selling. 

cooked, cooked, cooked, worked, worked, worked, cooked, worked, ate, ate, ate and wrote about it

november 2014 - got promoted to brand manager and quit writing because i was too overwhelmed by life and adulting and travel

ate, ate, ate, cooked, ate, ate, ate, ate, ate, cooked, ate, ate (eating is research right?!) and didn't write anything

january 2015 - GOT ENGAGED WTF

ate, ate, cooked… you get it 

september 2015 - got laid off. yup. hello #funemployment 

october 2015 - started yoga teacher training 

12.31.15 - sh*t got real and wes is now my hubs

so there you go. the last six years in a nutshell. 

which brings me to today. the end of a long but much needed newfoodtuesdayz hiatus. the beginning of chapter two of nftsz. the end of wannabe foodies. 

wes now works in management at green leaf chop shop, a popular health conscious dinning spot with multiple locations in california

i'm cooking for smaller parties, working events for a catering company and working on some of my own food products in the down time.

now we just straight foodies yo.

basically, our shared dreams are growing into our reality and part of my reality is sharing my food.

so i'm back baby. 

buckle up… 




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