candied pecan biscotti from joy the baker

you know things in my life are crazy when a tuesday post turns into a wednesday post. mentally and emotionally exhausted is pretty much how i would sum up my state of being right now. i'm not saying things are bad, just mentally and emotionally exhausting. 

a week ago today we received word that the studio i teach most of my indoor cycling and yoga classes at was abruptly closing after almost ten years in that location. leaving me with out my most steady form of income literally the day before thanksgiving. while that is ultimately the source of the mental and emotional exhaustion, it isn't exactly what you think. 

i'm mentally exhausted from coordinating schedules and desires with my fellow teachers looking for a new home. i'm mentally exhausted from trying to track down a new home for myself and my yoga clients. the negotiating and renegotiating is taxing. but i have this gut feeling it will all work out so i'm pushing on. 

i'm emotionally exhausted by the outpouring of love and support i received from my students, my fellow teachers and the community in general. i know it may seem silly, and a bit unrelated to my life in food, but that studio community was my little family. when i moved to costa mesa with wes they took me in with open arms. welcomed me when i needed a job. they promoted me to teach and let me prove myself on the mat and the bike. they were the first to hire me for catering, supported me when i did meal delivery and they order my cakes. i've never felt the love like this before. 

right now, i feel lucky to be mentally and emotionally drained. but drained none the less. after i teach my last class at yas, the rest and rejuvenation will begin. this week i'm sharing with you a fellow blogger's recipe coupled with a tip & trick of my own. i'll be taking thursday off to recharge with family, but i want to leave you with something delicious you can make to enjoy thanksgiving morning. you can bake these up just as joy does. or, you can gussy them up a bit like i do with white chocolate & a bit of edible paint. 


you can find the original recipe HERE. the recipe was perfection. however, if you wanted to get creative, you could easily add some dried fruit or other nuts if you like. get creative. 


dipped biscotti
serves: about 24 biscotti
ingredients: 1 batch joy the baker candied pecan biscotti. 8 oz good quality white chocolate. pot of water. heat proof bowl that fits snuggly over the pot of water. heat resistant rubber spatula. parchment lined baking sheet. edible paint optional (you can purchase it HERE). once your biscotti are baked and cooled, create a double boiler and temper your chocolate. if all of that sounds foreign and you have no idea what i am talking about you can watch THIS VIDEO or THIS VIDEO. once your chocolate has cooled to about body temp, dunk your biscotti halfway into your melted chocolate. use the spatula to make sure there is an even coat. allow the excess chocolate to drop off and then allow the chocolate to harden on a parchment lined baking sheet. once completely hardened, you can use your edible paint to dress the up. serve with coffee or store in an airtight container for later. 


xo, a