tips & tricks: citrus segments

it's here. IT'S HERE!!!!

citrus season my friends. not going to lie, winter is not my favorite. i am a warm weather, endless summer kind of lady. BUT. i love that it brings all the gorgeous citrus fruits.

i'm not just talking the standard lemon, limes and oranges. i'm talking about kumquats and blood oranges and pomelos! oh my. and citrus fruit are so versatile. not only are they sweet and delicious, they are BEAUTIFUL. they come in half the colors of the rainbow, all sizes and add amazing acid (a key component to most good food and drink) to any dish. 

one of my favorite ways to utilize citrus fruit is segmenting and using the segments for everything from dessert decor to ingredients in a salad. but learning to segment fruit can be a bit intimidating. but with a sharp knife and a steady hand, it is as easy as 1, 2, 3. 

you will need a citrus fruit of your choice and a sharp knife. i can not express the importance of having at least one good, sharp knife. more people cut themselves with dull knives because they have to push SOOO hard to get them to work. christmas is coming, use THIS GUIDE to get yourself the perfect knife this holiday. 



1. start by carefully slicing off the top (the part where the stem is or was connected) and the bottom. this gives you a nice flat surface to work on and shows you where your fruit and your pith (white part of the citrus) are. 


2. starting with a small section, slice the pith from the fruit as you make a curved slice from top to bottom. once you have finished one section, work you way around the fruit to no pith and peel are left. 


3. holding the fruit in the palm of your non dominant hand (the hand you don't hold the knife with) over a bowl so you can catch the juice to use for cocktails, dressings or sauces. you will see each individual segment of the fruit (divided by very thin layers). gently, make two slices , one at each side of the segment, releasing it from its skin. the segment should pull away easily. continue this step all the way around your fruit till all segments are removed. squeeze any juice from the remaining skin and flesh of the fruit and then discard. use segments as desired. 


xo, a