friyay happy hour: spritz with a twist

well folks, it is hard to believe, but i am just twelve weeks away from meeting our little nugget. when i was in the early days of my pregnancy, sick as a dog and wondering what the hell i had gotten myself into, days DRAGGED on. the idea of being in the final trimester was something i couldn’t even fathom.

for the first six months, my main concern was just feeling human again. there wasn’t a whole lot of time to miss cocktails or wine in between the barfing and the sleeping. but now that it is warming up and i’m feeling like a functional member of society again, i do miss sipping a cool cocktail in the sun.

this spritz with a twist is something i am very much looking forward to sampling come august. wes assured me it was as delicious as i thought it would be.

spritz with a twist

serves: 1 cocktail

prep time: 2 minutes

active time: 1 minute

total time: 3 minutes

ingredients: 2 oz vodka. .5 oz campari . 1 oz freshly squeezed orange juice. 5 oz club soda. 1 orange wheel for garnish. edible flower garnish optional. 1 cup ice.

start by filling your serving glass with ice. pour in the vodka, campari and orange juice. stir well to combine. top off with the club soda and give it all a good stir. garnish with orange wheel and edible flower if you have it. serve and enjoy.