Why Tuesdayz?

I love to be spontaneous. But what I REALLY love is organized spontaneity. I love to do new activities and try new things, but I like to do them on certain days.

Whether it is spinning, practicing yoga, dancing to zumba or taking a trampoline class, I like to work out on Mondays and Wednesdays at night or Tuesdays and Thursdays in the morning.

I love to get my nails done in outrageously fun and bright colors, but I only like to go on Wednesday nights or Saturday afternoons.

New dinner? New bar? These adventures can take place from Thursday-Saturday.

If I could pick any day and time to go a sporting event, it would be Sunday in the early evening.

Organized spontaneity people.

So, when I decided to add cooking to my weekly repertoire it needed a time and place.

Yes it would be a new and exciting adventure and every week would be different and spontaneous, but it still had to be on the books. And, at the time I started here was the weekly schedule…

Monday: Yoga
Wednesday: Swimming
Thursday: Softball
Friday-Saturday: Fun with friends and family
Sunday: Relax and refresh

Tuesday was the clear option. I should have factored in the Wednesday morning wine hangover, but that was a late discovery.

Why the Z?

NewFoodTuesdays was taken.

They only posted once. Jerk.

Love and Beer Floats