Part III... bet you didn't think that was possible! Well anything is possible when I'm talking about food. I just wanted to share with you one of my favorite FAVORITE things to do. The best part about cooking a deliciously marinated meat is when you get to use it for breakfast the day after! Pork and steak make great morning after breakfast and it is soooo easy.

Literally. All you have to do is cook your eggs the way you like them and place it on top of said meat.

I like mine sunny side up :) Although, I haven't exactly gotten it down yet.

Lish's boyfriend was shocked when I told them I wanted to make breakfast the morning after the FEAST. Shocked. But boy was he happy when it was ready.

And of course I had to make extra food because Josh eats A LOT. And I got a dozen eggs... what else am I going to do with them?

Love and Beer Floats