look what I found?

As if the teenie tiny kitchen isn't bad enough, we have the most sensitive smoke alarm ever. EVER. This thing doesn't detect smoke, it smells yummy things cooking and decides it wants a taste. It screams and wails until we stand under it flapping a towel in front of it like a maniac. And it usually does this more than once.

Now in the past 9 months I've lived in our playa villa, I've had multiple problems with the stove setting off the smoke alarm. But more recently, every time we open the oven it goes bonkers. It was driving me insane since there was no logical reason for this to be happening.

Well ladies and gentleman, last night when I pulled the fish out of the oven, I found the culprit.

Introducing the roll that got left behind about a month ago when Eric made turkey and soyrizo sliders. I know it looks like charcoal, but I swear it was a roll at some point.